Annabel (right) practices in China.

Full Moon Magic

by Annabel Martin


The Moon is magical on any night,

Regardless of its time of birth.

It soothes and calms my heart, 


The Moon is just as full in Australia

as it is in China.


Standing on my mat,

I am home.


My mind cannot fathom,

The beauty and power

of the radiant Full Moon.


My soul takes the reigns

>From little ego mind.


With very little effort,

It works in conjunction with Brother Moon,

The project is unnamed.


The magic of the Moon

Lies in this fairy dance.


Soul and moon are all knowledge,

all power.


When I spin my dantien,

My breath for once agrees!


When I request my mind to still,

There is no argument,

Not even a hint of attitude.


And when I bathe in the Full Moon's

love and strength,

I am, I feel,

at Peace.