Patricia and Jamie in China With Master Luke Chan's wife, Lily and son, Peter.


Taking care of a newborn is a major task. But for Patricia, the job is amazingly easy. Her son, Jamie, smiles a lot and is calm and "cooperative". It is a dream of every mother be able to enjoy her baby while sleep through the night. Patricia is normally a quiet person and seldom talk about her personal life. But since in China, she opened up her secret of how she did it. Her secret is actually not a secret. Yet it is still a secret for those who don't take Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down seriously. --- Master Luke Chan 



Healthy Baby Healing Chi

 Patricia van Walstyn

 I will share with you a way to do the Lift Chi UP & Pour Chi Down and the 6-directions La Chi for healing.

I have experienced this sensation since the first time I practised Chilel with Luke in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This feeling is the reason I continued with Chi Lel, went to China, attended many retreats with Luke, and finally introduced Chi Lel in Europe.

Although my experience is really more a feeling than a visualistion or image I will use some images to explain the sensation to try to make myself clear.

On Luke's tapes you hear "release-absorb" in the background. Between the release and absorb there is wu chi, complete stillness. On the latest tape versions Luke has put a drum beat in the background.  This helps amazingly to get the feeling I am talking about. Step by step you gradually disappear into infinity and then come back again into the Dantian.

To help get this feeling I can give the following images:

You are looking at the TV and you see yourself clearly. Now on "release" you slowly lose the channel. Your image becomes snowy, the little specks which show you are not tuned to the channel. More and more snowy until you see only snow. Then, on "absorb" , you return to the channel frequency again and see your image reappearing until it is clear. Then wu-chi.

In the moment of wu-chi I see myself, solid and grounded with my attention in the Dantian. Then on "release" my body disassembles again. All the cells loosen from each other and go out into infinity. At that moment I can see myself diffusing. A metaphor would be, from ice, to water, to steam.

Each cell bathes in the Chi of the universe. The feeling I have at that moment is humility, happiness and joy. The relativity of life is apparent to me and I feel such a small particle in the Whole, a feeling of oneness with all that is.

On "absorb" the cells come back together, renewed, bathed in loving, healing chi. My physical form appears again. My awareness comes back into the body, into the Dantian. Wu Chi.

For computer freaks another comparison is:

On the computer screen you see the image of, for example, a car. Now the car disassembles on "release" and all the parts move away from each other. The motor (Dantian) however remains in the center. Wheels, steering, clutch and all other small and big parts are still visible but separate from each other. On "absorb" they all come together in the right place again.

This sensation makes me feel very healthy and happy. Each cell comes back after a wonderful chi bath.

 This feeling was very special when I was pregnant. My son was my Dantian. My son was my Dantian and my whole body would diffuse into the Universe and come back strong and healthy surrounding my baby. Supplying him with everything he needed to grow and to feel the inner peace of his mother. 

Jamie is a wonderful, healthy Chi-baby and my pregnancy was so easy that I was able to teach until the eighth month. Is it because of this experience? I don't know for sure, but belief is an essential tool for guiding the Chi.


Other applications:
Now whenever I feel a cold or something else coming up I change my focus slightly during the exercise.
For example: We had a long journey coming to Luke's retreat in China with our baby of 8 months and a stop over in Thailand for one night.
We went all the time from the humid heat into the cold air conditioned plane, hotels and ferry.
When we got here I had a cough and so had our baby.
Instead of feeling the whole body diffusing into the Universe I then make this more specific and see only the lungs dissolving. All the cells of the lungs bathe in the fresh Chi and come back together, brand-new, healthy.
My cough was gone in two days. I used the same visualisation for my son when doing Hao La on him. I saw his lungs expanding and all the cells were renewed into the infinity. Coming back brand-new in his little chest. Also he recovered in two days.

I recommend you to have an idea of where your organs are located and how they look when completely healthy. So when your cells come back together you see beautiful shining healthy organs.