Healing Good News for Chronic Fatigue
A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

Chi-Lel™ Has Changed My Life

Gina Reder, New York City

I know now that the wrong medical diagnosis and subsequent treatments were responsible for neurological damages and a general decline in my overall health, but over the years I struggled with extreme fatigue. I had trouble concentrating and small tasks became insurmountable. My functioning ability diminished so much that it was even hard being with friends. But I kept trying: I watched my diet and tried this and that but always ended up in the same place-- exhausted.

Then one day I read an article by Luke Chan, "The Medicineless Hospital," and soon after attended a lecture given by him in NYC. I was very inspired and motivated to try Chi-Lel™ for myself. I purchased the videotape and started practicing at home. It was hard at first; I was so weak I could not hold my arms up to complete the form. But I really believed in Chi and kept trying. What I noticed immediately was a change in my mood. I was uplifted. I felt that I had tapped into a well of cosmic energy, a universal force, and I had hope for the first time in years. My breathing was no longer laborious, and slowly, little by little, I was able to complete "Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down" method. Last August I felt strong enough to attend a two-day workshop after which my energy level doubled. Every day now I practice and notice improvements. Everything resonates with a newfound clarity and I am convinced that my health is finally being restored. Chi-Lel™ Qigong has changed my life.


ChiLel Eases Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

John Nadzam, Pittsburgh, PA

In 1992 I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus, a form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Chronic Fatigue has various symptoms including depression, sleeplessness, digestive problems, poor memory, sore and aching joints, and a never-ending battle with colds, flu and sinus infections. Granted this is not a life–threatening disease, but it does take a disabling toll on your will to live and your belief that you will ever have the energy, or desire, to do anything more than just exist. The closest analogy that I have for this feeling is that you place your life on "automatic pilot" and just let it go by, because you do not have the will, energy, feeling, or desire to live it.

When I first started practicing ChiLel over a year ago, I thought that it would be easy to learn the simple movements. I had been teaching a Japanese method of qigong for seven years and thought that the 100–day gung would be easy to complete. It was not.

During my 100–day gung, I had a very difficult time remembering how to do the Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down form. I fought with myself constantly through the good days and bad days to do just one more day of ChiLel. On my good days, I enjoyed the practice and felt increased energy. However, on my bad days, I did not use the sixteen–minute tape, and instead just hurried through the form as fast as I could. There were quite a few bad days. One very positive event happened when I had completed over eighty days. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and realized that I had not done my form. My sleeplessness turned out to be an advantage, since I got out of bed and did my form. I was surprised that I did this, and even more surprised that after completing the form I fell back asleep almost immediately.

After I had finished my 100–day gung, I stopped doing ChiLel. I was glad it was over, and did not know if I would ever continue my practice. But, after a few days, I wanted to do another 100–day gung, which I completed with a much different attitude and much greater level of energy. As I am writing this, I am not sure that I can explain in words exactly what happened. As I look back at that time period, I realize that my healing had been to feel the desire (will/energy/chi) to continue through the good days and bad days as I practiced. And to realize that, even though there may be several bad days in a row, the good days will happen. Something kept me going during the first 100 days, and prompted me to do my second 100–plus days. I can only attribute it to the chi that I received, on both the good and the bad days.

Continuing my practice of ChiLel, I have noticed my energy level steadily increasing. And, when I attended the ChiLel retreat at the Omega Institute in New York, I had my second healing. While Luke was making corrections to my form, my shoulders relaxed, and I had an overwhelming feeling of release. It is easy to describe the physical aspect: I released the tension in my shoulders and my muscles relaxed. However, the emotional aspect is almost beyond words. For the first time in many years, I felt that I had turned off the "automatic pilot." I cannot describe this in words, but only say that there is a feeling of clarity and openness that had been missing, and that has now returned.

I will start teaching my first ChiLel class in a few weeks at the Community College of Allegheny County, in Pittsburgh, and a few weeks later I will start a second class at the Sweetwater Arts Center. I am looking forward to sharing ChiLel, and relating the student's experiences to you

"I Decided to Continue the Practice Even If It Killed Me"

Joni Kerwin, Evergreen Park, IL

On August 25th, I attended Luke's mini Chi-Lel workshop held at the NHF's Health show in Chicago. I am a R.N. with a master's degree in nursing and have been disabled since 1983 with chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities. Though it's been a long time, I have not quit hoping and fighting for the health I once had. Since 1983, I have tried many alternative approaches and have also improved somewhat but continue to suffer some persistent symptoms.

Luke's positiveness touched me during the workshop and rekindled my former interest in Chinese healing art. I decided to purchase the video-book-audiotape combo that day and can honestly say that today is the 88th day of my first 100-day gong. I've not missed a day since the seminar day!

I experienced a real tough start! The first week of performing the "Lift Chi Up & Pour Chi Down" method was excruciating. Sweat would drip off me and my muscles shook. I started with two sessions a day. I suffered from insomnia for two weeks and became more sensitive to odors. Though I wanted to quit a thousand times I became stubborn instead and decided to continue the practice even if it killed me.

In about two weeks, the practice became easier and now I wonder how it could have been so difficult. Much to my surprise, one of my most bothersome symptoms-- a rapid pulse in response to certain foods and chemicals--improved the first (& rather dramatically.) After the initial two weeks, I have ended everyday with a calm pulse rate. Several evenings -- I actually had energy and felt really alive mentally. I also sleep very deeply now.

The calming of the pulse rate was in itself, an indication to continue to practice. And I'm interested in seeing what else improves!


My husband came home from a business trip... was shocked!

Donna McDermott

Phoenix, Arizona


My name is Donna McDermott.  I am 48 years of age.  I first became involved in studying alternative approaches to health in 1974.  Over the last twenty five years I have studied everything from nutrition to oriental medicine to mind-body medicine.  I made more effort than the average person to lead a very healthy lifestyle.  Though I was constantly making some type of effort towards maintaining good health, I never really reached a point where I felt truly healthy.  It was rare for me to contract even a cold or flu, yet I never felt ³healthy².              

      In 1996, I became very ill. I was so exhausted that I simply couldn¹t get up.  I put myself on  a very thorough health program with at least thirty different items on my checklist each day.  Nothing was working.  It didn¹t matter how many nutrients I took.  It didn¹t matter how many exercises I did.  It didn¹t matter how much I fasted, how many sweat baths I took, or how positive my thinking and attitude were.  My energy would rise and then fall down.  I continued to fight this battle throughout the first half of 1997.  In July, I was diagnosed with aggressive intraductile carcinoma of the  breast  and told I had less than six months to live.

      I did not feel that the solution to my challenge was in conventional therapy.  I said ³no². Instead I worked with a treatment in Mexico called Insulin Potentiation Therapy performed by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia.  I stopped dying mid December and by June of 1998, I was declared cancer free.  Because my illness was so severe, I had spent most of that year in bed.  In June I began trying to bring activities like driving a car, going grocery shopping, and cleaning the house back into my life on a consistent basis.  I had a long road ahead of me.  I could engage in short periods of activity, but each had to be followed by rest.  I continued to spend at least 50% of my time laying down.

      Since January of 1998 I had been studying with a Korean Ki  Master.  I would work with him for two hour every two weeks.  He would treat my body with Ki energy and I would practice his exercises.  I felt that the treatments and the exercises were helping me to get stronger.  In December, after one of the classes, he called me forward and said that he would not work with me anymore, that my body was too toxic from the cancer.  I accepted his decision and knew I would find another way to get well.

      In September of 1998 someone had given me an article about the medicine less hospital in China written by Luke Chan.  It was  published in  the Awareness Journal.   I kept the article on my desk for months, never completely reading it and never throwing it away.  I finally read it in January and ordered the 101 Miracles Video and the Mind Body Method Video.  The thing I liked most about the article was the realism.  It was clear that students had to make a significant amount of effort to reach their goal of health- eight hours a day.  It wasn¹t a quick fix fantasy.   This gave me hope.  >From my experiences, I knew that true healing took effort.

      In my many years of study in Alternative Healing Methods, I had studied much in the field of ³energy medicine².  I had studied many many healing traditions and completed my Masters Degree in the Healing Arts.  I was dissatisfied with my training in that it seemed to me



that no one I studied with really understood  the amount of effort that was required to be able to successfully facilitate true healing.  No one seemed to understand the part that the student played.  Teachers who were at a beginning level were called ³masters² simply because they completed a certain number of classes or initiations.  No one I had met seemed to under the essence of ³Healing²  as I knew it in my deepest feelings and awareness.  After 15 years of formal training, I was still very dissatisfied with myself as a facilitator.  There were missing tools, missing pieces.

      It was February of 1999 when I received  a package in the mail that would change my health.  It was the Chi-Lel videos.  I immediately watched the videos and began practicing the exercises.  My body was lit with energy.  It was amazing to me.  If I did enough of the exercises, I could gather enough Chi so that I felt I could function more normally.  Each day I did Lift Chi Up, Three Centers Merge, and the Body Mind Method.  It was very difficult for me as I had lost all muscle mass in my illness.  Even though my muscles ached, I was determined to make effort.  If the students in China could make eight hours a day effort, I could certainly make this small effort to feel better.

      I loved the exercises from the first time I did them.  I could feel this sweet, gentle energy supporting my body.  I loved the feeling of the Chi energy.  I loved how I was able to complete tasks that were normal for a healthy person but hard for me to do each day.  I could only do wall squats holding on to two doorknobs.  I could only do 5 to begin.  I would try doing at least 5 at different times during the day.  Each day I would try to make more effort.  It took eight months before I could do 100. 

      My husband came home from a business trip three days after I began doing Chi-Lel.  He was shocked.  He said that I had a completely different body.  I looked completely different to him.  I was acting so much healthier.  What did I do to bring this change?  He could hardly believe the changes he saw in me.

      I showed him the videos.  He was so happy for me.  Since that time I have continued to do the exercises every day and continued to grow stronger in leaps and bounds. In May, I had the opportunity to visit with some friends who knew me before and during my illness.  They couldn¹t  believe what they saw either.  ³What are you doing?  You look healthier than I have ever seen you look in your whole life.  You look 10 years younger.²  These were common statements that I still hear regularly.  People are shocked to know that I am 48 years of age and that I almost died of cancer.  I am regularly mistaken for being in my late twenties or early thirties.  I love it.

      In October, I attended my first 6 day workshop.  Again, I witnessed major changes in my health.  When I entered the workshop, I was still not fully recovered.  I was a little concerned in approaching the workshop.  I didn¹t know if I could complete it.  Though I looked   normal on the outside, I was still fragile with no real endurance on the inside.  I could hardly believe that I was able to stand up for all the exercises.  It was the first time in 3 years that I  was able to stand for such a long period of time.  By the time the workshop was over, I was functioning at a completely different level of health.   I feel ³normal² for the first time in years. 



Other students told me I looked completely different from when the workshop began.  I don¹t ever remember feeling this good in my body as I  did after the workshop.  I was concerned that the feeling of health would pass a few days after the workshop, but it hasn¹t.  I still feel wonderful each day.  I just love it.  I feel so light in my body.  It breathes in places I didn¹t know it could breathe.  There are no words to express what I have experienced.  I know now that I can indeed be healthy for the remainder of my life.  I have no fear of Cancer or any other disease.   I have the tools to get healthy and to stay healthy.

      I don¹t quite know how to explain this, but in the workshop I experienced that it was true that it was indeed possible to gather enough Chi for the body to heal itself  spontaneously.  I know for myself, by my experience that it is true.  I have believed this since I was a little child, but now I know that it is true.  And that has made all the difference.   I am so happy to have these tools in my life and I truly wish for all people that they would also come to have these tools of health in their lives.  It is difficult to enjoy this wondrous life when illness shadows over us.  And yet health is available to all of us if we choose to make the efforts necessary to bring about these Miracles.

      Since the workshop, I have become more committed to my practice than before.  I am in the process of my first wall squatting gong.  I continue to do my other exercises as well.  The effort that I make towards my health is in my hands.  It  always was in my hands, but now I am more confident that I can maintain it. 

      I am so grateful for all the efforts Luke and Frank have made to make Chi-Lel Qigong available to us.   I tell as many people as I can about Chi-Lel:  ³If you are willing to take responsibility for your health and make the  effort necessary, I know something that really works.  There is a book, a video, and an audio tape series that will get you started.²  I sincerely feel that Chi-Lel Qigong is the most powerful and genuine tool for acquiring and maintaining health that I have encountered in twenty five years of study.  It is a beautiful mind body method that blends mental focus with physical movements that actually open the meridians, cause blood and chi to be plentiful, make all illnesses disappear, and all body functions  return to normal.  

      Can you imagine that it gives more benefits than that?  Remember that I said earlier that in my illness I had lost all muscle mass?  Yes, it has even toned my muscles in my legs, arms, buttocks, and tummy.  I love it.  When Chi is plentiful, I can go anywhere and I am not affected by the negative behaviors or energies around me.  It is as if they dissolve in the presence of the chi.   When I am physically strong, filled with Chi, I am emotionally strong.  I feel more confident and safe as opposed to fragile and vulnerable.

      Does it take discipline?  Yes and I love it.  It¹s about time I had some good discipline in my life.  Does it take commitment to myself?  Yes and I love it.  Without commitment to myself, wellness is not possible.  I choose life and I am more grateful than words will ever express.  Chi-Lel will be an active part of my life each day for the remainder of my stay upon this earth.  My search for methods to heal the body is complete.  Now I joyfully focus on taking my personal healing  to its maximum capacity.  Haola!   



This is a whole new life for me.


This is the woman who had chronic fatigue and migraine headaches that hasn't had a headache since she started wall squats.  She's my first really great success story.  Wanted to share. Love,  Jane
Dear Jane,
  Have you been, and come back from your vacation? I thought I would let you know how
 things are going. Pretty good! I saw Barb Persons Wednesday, and had a lot of questions
 answered. I finally got the Progesterone cream, which I have been seeking for several
 years. What a relief! Pretty much no more hot flashes (except in case of wine or chocolate).
 And sleep, wow! Just call me Rip Jan Morris. I can sleep eight hours now, more usually
 6 or 7 every night. This is a whole new life for me. I have lots of plans, but this 
summer, I just want to enjoy a pain-free body. I got my ten-speed out and went for
 45 minutes, and the next day got up at 6:30 and went to buy flowers. This kind of
 schedule was previously an impossibility. And I feel fine, not puny.
 The lift Chi Up and squats are just like breathing to me, I just do it. No neck pain.
No back pain. A little jaw stiffness if I get c
hilled, or eat the wrong thing, or get 
stressed. I can fix that with la Chi to the area. 
 Love, Janet

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