ChiLel™ Qigong

ChiLel™ consists of visualizations combined with a series of gentle movements which can be easily learned by anyone who wants to improve and sustain their health and wellness. This self-healing art is easy to follow and effective. It is for all age groups.


1. Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method

This is the main method practiced by students at the ChiLel Center. For beginning students, the exercise takes about fifteen minutes. For other students, the movements are slowed down to thirty minutes. Depending on your needs, you can repeat the routine many times. The more you practice, the better the results.

2. Three Centers Merge Standing Method

This is a stationary exercise in which one stands meditatively for about a half-hour at a time. By focusing on the Dantan (abdominal area between the navel and Mingmen), you can quickly experience special feelings, such as warmth, in the Dantian area. It is an excellent way to loosen your hips and waist so that chi can circulate through the meridians uninterrupted. This method is not only good for health, is is also a fundamental training exercise for martial arts.

3. Wall Squatting (Ton Chong)

Wall Squatting, athough a simple exercise, was a well-kept secret for generations. It is an effective way of loosening up your waist and stimulating chi flow throughout the body.

4. La Chi Method

La Chi is a simple and effective way of collecting chi for healing oneself and others. Many people in the previous interviews achieved amazing results by using this technique.