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January 1998 Volume 2 Issue 1

1998 Full Moon

Saturday - April 11
Monday - May 11
Tuesday - June 9
Thursday - July 9
Friday - August 7

Every full moon the founder, Pang Lao-Shi, organizes a chi-field for the 10 million ChiLel™ practitioners in the world. In the United States, the time is 7:00pm to 10:00pm EST every full moon. So let's practice ChiLel™ together!
Wherever your are, join with us.

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Great News from the Center...

Like computer technology, the science of the self-healing art of Chi-Lel™ is progressing at a breathtaking pace. Each time I visit the Center I learn something new, as the teachers develop new ways to battle “incurable” diseases. Under the leadership of Pang Lao-Shi, the teachers are encouraged to explore different ways to increase the effectiveness of Chi-Lel™ . As long as the basic concept doesn’t change, the teachers are free to be creative. The results? The group based in Beidaihei achieved a stunning 52 percent overall total recovery rate (they were completely cured), with an effective rate of 98 percent (students showed improvement). This group participated in a 50-day class during the months of September and October. Besides Lift Chi Up, they also learned the Second Level—Body and Mind Method.

Pang Lao-shi shakes hands with American guest while Teacher Lu looks on (Read Editor's Viewpoint).
I stayed at the Center for most of December, and observed their new ways. The first thing I noticed was a change in the teachers’ attitudes—they’ve become more goal-oriented. For instance, when emitting chi to a student with heart disease, they would harmonize the entire group’s thinking to focus on the result: EKG normal; when emitting chi to a student with diabetes, they would think sugar level normal. Also, they would ask the students to do different simple movements while saying certain words so as to stimulate their chi for speedy healing.

I am excited because there is much to learn and share! Starting this year, besides teaching the new techniques learned from our Center, we’ll begin to teach the Second Level of Chi-Lel™. Hope you can join us to explore the cutting edge of self-healing. Also, if you are interested going to China, now is the time to act as we’ll be heading there May 30.

Happy Chinese New Year! Wan Yuan Ling Toon!

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Editor's Viewpoint:
Luke Chan

A hero stands behind each incredible act. Every day at the Center, I saw Teacher Lu tirelessly coaching, comforting, and encouraging her students. She was so involved in helping others that she seldom talked about her own life. Yet in a quiet moment after her 18-hour workday, Teacher Lu opened up to me:

Photo by Gordon Baer

“Seven years ago, my husband and I made the decision that we would study at the Center to explore the healing science of Chi-Lel™. Since then, we have devoted our lives to helping the weary and the sick. We have three children at home; when we left, my youngest daughter was only a year and a half old. Now our relatives take care of them and they live in three separate homes.”

In the development of any science, there are pioneers who make the necessary sacrifices so the world can benefit from their discoveries. Teacher Lu is one of those pioneers in the healing science field. With the meager pay at the Center, money was hardly the motive for her work. Each time I saw Teacher Lu showing genuine happiness for her recovered students, I was convinced her motivation came from her belief in Chi-Lel™ and her love for mankind.

“Do you miss your children?” I asked her.

“Yes, I do. I send them chi every day. They are very bright kids. My two daughters are the top students of their classes. I am very proud of them. Now the Chinese New Year is coming and we’ll have a chance to get together for a month or so. Then we will say goodbye again until next year. Saying goodbye is the hardest thing. It tears my heart every time.”

When I imagine three young kids holding onto their mama, begging her not to go, it tears my heart, too. So I want to say thank you for your sacrifice, Teacher Lu and your family, the world is a better place because of you. We salute you.

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A Young Dancer’s Dream Uninterrupted
Luke Chan

Yeung Shil-Yan, 17, was the lead dancer for an army entertainment unit. She was the joy and pride of her family. Yet on May 5, 1997, her parents received an emergency call that she had fallen down during a dance rehearsal and broken her hip.

Yeung Shil-Yan
Like being struck by lightning on a clear day, her parents were dumbfounded. They rushed to the hospital and were told there was no way out of her situation other than surgery. The standard treatment for a break such as their daughter’s was to open her right leg, insert a steel bar in her hip, and hope she would be walking freely in a few months. Her career as a dancer would have to wait.

Fortunately, her parents are Chi-Lel™ practitioners who would never take “no” for an answer. With help from their friends, they formed a chi-field and did Fa Chi to their daughter. She responded well. The next day X-rays showed the broken bones almost fused back. With this good news, they decided to forgo the surgery and rely totally on chi healing while monitoring their daughter’s progress with X-rays. Within days, Ms. Yeung recovered completely!

When we met Ms. Yeung at the Chi-LelTM Center in June, she was a healthy young lady. She even showed her stuff with Rita, a professional dancer from our June China trip. Thanks to Chi-Lel™, Ms. Yeung continues to be the star of her dance company!

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830 Days of Chi-Lel™ and Counting!
Dan Duplass, New Orleans, Louisiana

This year closes out my second year of daily half-hour Chi-Lel™ practice and 100 wall squats. That is 830 days straight. Now that I have the chi flowing, it’s hard to stop because it feels so good. It is wonderful being healthy. When I see all the advertisements for medicines, it makes me sick! All anyone needs is Chi-Lel™. Why spend all that money on drugs to cure an illness when a little bit of Chi-Lel™ practice will prevent it?

My wife finally started practice last July. She is very health-conscious and eats well. For 30 years she has suffered with a sporadic problem of redness on her face. She had tried macrobiotic, herbs, massage, and a list of other remedies. It seemed hopeless. We had not anticipated that Chi-Lel™ would affect this problem she had begun to accept, but after two weeks, her face was perfectly clear. She stopped using makeup and I saw beautiful skin for the first time in our fifteen years of marriage. I was, and still am, amazed!

Dan poses with his wife.
Although I have practiced much longer, I never had such quick or noticeable results. She continued Chi-Lel™ for the 100 days and never during that time did she develop a blotch on her skin. Soon after she stopped her Chi-Lel™, her skin began to revert back to reddish marks. She has since resumed Chi-Lel™ and her skin is clear again.

I now realize that finding something that works like Chi-Lel™ is only half the battle. We must practice. Yes, it is difficult doing it every day especially “with no distracting thoughts,” but it does keep me in touch with my body. Any muscle ache or tension is quickly noticed and I work it with the chi. I am now working on using “intent” to move my body in the motions of Lift Chi Up. I am also getting a chance to prove my flexibility, as I recently became wrestling coach at my son’s school. At 45, I am proud to have the springiness to wrestle. I don’t think I could do that without the flexibility and health that Chi-Lel™ and the wall exercise have given me.

Chi-Lel™ is wonderful and can produce results. I am glad I do it!

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My 100-Day Gong Story
Ruth Goto
Berkeley, CA

If you have accomplished a 100-day gong, please write us to share your experience.

By way of update since the San Francisco workshop in April, I have managed not to miss a day of doing Chi-Lel™. So I am in the middle of the second 100-day gong (and the second tape). My wall squats are incomplete—I don’t have the flexibility to do more than what feels like a half squat. But I do what I can. I am driven more by “won’t” power than will power. First I procrastinate and say “I won’t do it yet.” More often than not I fall asleep and wake up at one o’clock or two o’clock or even three o’clock. Then I say to myself, “I won’t miss doing Chi-Lel™ today.” I get up and do it then go back to sleep. This is rather immature behavior for a middle-aged woman but it seems to be where my psyche is. Consequently, I am very surprised that I have been able to keep up the practice without skipping a day.

With Chi-Lel™, Will Travel!
Nancy Elkins

At age 60, doctors told me that nothing could be done for my heart, asthma, and vision problems, that I’d just have to live with those “conditions.” Then my sister brought me to a Chi-Lel™ workshop, and I’ve been faithfully practicing ever since.

In January, I couldn’t read the big E at the top of the eye chart—this week I could read halfway down the chart! I am able to walk better, breathe better, and I’m using my asthma medicine much less.

My husband and I are leaving on Thursday to cruise around South America, and I’m taking your tapes with me! He does golf clinics and I assist, so it was imperative for me to “get well” ASAP! I now feel that I’m able to travel with him for extended periods of time without worry about health stuff. Thanks to Chi-Lel™!

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ChiLel™ Qigong Level One Audiotape Album with Instruction
We have put together six Chi-Lel™ audiotapes into an album for your convenience. The tapes include Lift Chi Up & Pour Chi Down Method, Three-Center Standing Merge method, La Chi, and Wall Squatiing. The following general suggestions may be helpful to you as your Chi-Lel™ practice evolves:
  1. Always use an audiotape unless you've reached a high level of Chi-Lel™ training (very few individuals).
  2. Practice some Chi-Lel™ every day. Even if you don't have time to perform your usual practice, you can do a "quickie" Lift Chi Up in five minutes.
  3. Do some wall squats every day, even if it's just two or three.
  4. Read three stories from 101 Miracles every day for one year.
  5. Draw a smiling face on the 100-day-gong chart (or your own chart) after your daily practice.
  6. If you find your mind is "running all over" while you are doing your second or third gong tape, instead of giving up Chi-Lel™ entirely, you may use the Alternative First 100-Day Gong (Tape 6A) tape to get back your good feelings before you tackle your advanced gongs again.
  7. Visit our ChiLel™ Qigong Forum and communicate with other practitioners.
  8. Follow the guidelines for different gongs as described below.

Note: The main objective of Lift Chi Up is to collect and exchange chi between you and nature. However, I have suggested some intermediate objectives for each gong to help you approach them from different angles.

First 100-Day Gong

Tape 1, Side A: Lift Chi Up (16 mins)
Objective: To build a habit of daily Chi-Lel™ practice.
Benefits: Just as brushing your teeth every night gets rid of the plaque accumulated during the day, doing Chi-Lel™ daily will clear blockages in your meridians as they occur, so you stay happy and healthy.
Tips: Beginners may use this tape for their first 100-day gong. However, if you find that 16 minutes doesn't provide enough of a workout, use the 24-minute version (Tape 6A) instead.
Tape 1, Side B: Three Centers Merge Standing Method (18 mins)
Objective: To learn to concentrate your mind and gather chi in the Dantien area.
Benefits: You will become a calm and relaxed person with more energy.
Tips: If you find the stance is too easy, lower your body more to open your Mingmum area wider to gather more chi.
Beginners: Your priority is to practice Lift Chi Up. It is optional for you to do this one.
"...Always use an audiotape unless you've reached a high level of Chi-Lel™ training."

Second 100-Day Gong

Tape 2, Side A: Lift Chi Up with Lao-Shi's voice (30 mins)
Objective: To increase awareness of your body and mind.
Benefits: Becoming aware of a certain part of your body means chi has arrived in that part of your body. When chi arrives in your body, blockages are dissolved and health is restored.
Tips: It takes some time to get used to the slow pace of this tape. If you find yourself getting frustrated, practice with the 24-minute tape (Tape 6A) instead. When you are ready, come back to this tape.
Tape 2, Side B: La Chi with Lao-Shi's voice (30 mins)
Objective: To learn to collect and emit chi (Fa Chi) to yourself and others.
Benefits: Spontaneous healing may occur.
Tips: Let Lao-Shi's voice penetrate your body where chi is needed. If you believe his voice has a lot of healing chi, your belief will translate into actual healing.

Third 100-Day Gong:

Tape 3, Side A: Lift Chi Up & Pour Chi Down (45 mins)
Objective: To increase awareness of your body and mind and to increase your stamina.
Benefits: Your body will be strengthened and your mind sharpened. You will be able to accomplish more and to enjoy life more fully.
Tips: This gong is more difficult than the previous one because there's more time for your mind to wander. If you feel discouraged, or as if you aren't getting anywhere, go back to your previous gong (Tape 2A or Tape 6A). Or consider taking up the challenge of the Push-Pull Gong (Tape 4A).
Tape 3, Side B: Lift Chi Up and Three Centers with Fa Chi (45 mins)
Objective: To deliver chi into your internal organs while you are in the qigong state.
Benefits: Like a plant growing more vigorously when well attended, your internal organs will function better as you pay more attention to them. When was the last time you thought of your kidneys?
Tips: Instead of emptying your mind as you do in the regular Three Centers Merge, follow Lao-Shi's voice to deliver chi into your organs.

Fourth 100-Day Gong

Tape 4, Side A: Push-Pull Gong (30 mins)
Objective: To use your mind to move your body.
Benefits: Your body and mind will work in unison. Every physical movement in your daily life will become easier and every thought will become clear.
Tips: The essence of Chi-Lel™ is "open and close," and push and pull is a kind of open and close. To internalize this important aspect of Chi-Lel™, you need to practice it over and over again. This tape gives you a tool. You may use this tape after the third gong tape (Tape 3A) or you may skip the third gong and move directly to this tape.
Tape 4, Side B: Songs and Stories from 101 Miracles (30 mins)
Objective: To reinforce your belief in your own healing power.
Benefits: As you internalize the will power of the people in the stories, you will be able to turn your belief into healing.
Tips: Belief is an important component of Chi-Lel™. We've found that those who read three stories a day of 101 Miracles get excellent healing results.
Visit our ChiLel™ Qigong Forum and communicate with other practitioners.

Fifth 100-Day Gong

Tape 5, Side A: Press Down-Up & Push-Pull Gong (30 mins)
Objective: To loosen the Mingmum area.
Benefits: To increase the coordination of the lower and upper parts of the body and to gather more chi in the Dantien area for optimal health.
Tips: This gong is quite a challenge, but paying attention to your Mingmun area will give your legs some rest. Combine this gong with the Push-Pull gong (Tape 4A) for even greater results (Required for instructors). After this gong, if you go back and practice with the 16-minute tape, and you'll find the speed is comfortable and not too fast. This means that your mind has begun to connect your movements.
Tape 5, Side B: Hao-La With Organizing Chi-Field (20 mins)
Objective: To gather chi for yourself and for group healing
Benefits: When chi arrives, illnesses disappear.
Tips: Hao-La is an affirmation meaning "cured, healed and healthy." If you find the La Chi (Tape 2B) too slow, you may want to use this one. This tape is an excellent tool for group healing.

Alternative First 100-Day Gong

Tape 6, Side A: Lift Chi Up (twice, 24 mins)
Objective & Benefits: Same as Tape 1A, except the more time you put in the more benefits you will get.
Tape 6, Side B: Three Centers Merge Standing Method (30 mins)
Objective & Benefits: Same as Tape 1B, except you get more benefits as you practice longer.

Audio Album: $29.95
Individual Audiotape: $10.00
To Order Call:

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Overcoming Allergy
BJ Irvine, Bloomington, IN
Certified Chi-Lel™ Instructor

I wanted you to know that for the first time in 40 years, I have not had to take any allergy medication in the fall. I was on allergy shots for seven years but still needed medication when the pollen/mold seasons began—spring and fall. This fall has just been amazing in this regard. Strangely, I did not realize that this had happened until I kept hearing friends tell me how bad their allergies were this fall. Then I suddenly realized that even though other career and environmental factors should have created allergy reactions this fall, none have materialized. The only thing that I have changed over the past two years is my Chi-Lel™ practice—continuous every day since May 1996!

Thank you so much for introducing me to this extraordinary mind/body practice.

B.J. shakes hands with Pang Lao-Shi.

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Under the Stars, Doing Chi-Lel™…

Nadine McMains
Marina Del Rey, CA

I want to thank you for another wonderful Chi-Lel™ workshop in Los Angeles. It was my second weekend learning Chi-Lel™ and I found it just as valuable and inspiring as the first one, which I took in January.

In 1996, after spending six months in India and another six months traveling in the US, I became very depleted—both physically and emotionally. So when I saw your ad in the Whole Life Times, I thought it was just what I needed to rebuild my energy.

I remember how much my arms hurt learning the Chi-Lel™ and how surprised I was since I have been a massage therapist for seventeen years and have been doing yoga daily for eight years. Using my arms was not something new to me, but I was very weak. The 45-minute practice took me to another level of pain and in the beginning I wondered how I would ever relax enough to let the pain go. Happily the pain is going and after practicing daily for the past several weeks I notice such a big difference.

The wall squatting was certainly a challenge. I have done 100 every day since you taught me. At first I could do only 10 or 20 and then I had to take a break and walk around before doing 20 more. But day by day, I worked up to 100. Finally I could do 60 without a break and after that it was easy. Well, not exactly easy, but more of a mental thing—how strong was my will! My legs no longer feel like they were on fire and my heart stopped racing so fast. Now I just close my eyes and up and down I go. Very meditatively, going down and drawing up the chi. As my legs got stronger, my whole body got stronger. The sciatic pain I had for a year is practically gone, my morning hikes in the hills are easier, and I just have so much more energy. I’m doing the 45-minute tape every day and reading 101 Miracles again.

Last weekend, my friend Maxine (who I met at your workshop in January) and I went camping. We did several 30- and 45-minute sessions and it was wonderful to be outside, to have our bare feet on the earth, standing near the campfire, under the stars, doing Chi-Lel™.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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