"Getting to Know You"
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by Ginny Walden 

Honolulu, Hawaii


     How many of you know yourselves inside your body? Do you know where your spleen is?
What  it looks like? What its functions are? I think it is important to get to know your internal organs otherwise it is like having a pen-pal you never met! Especially those of us living with the cancer challenge. We forget to pay close attention to ourselves. We tend to be continually doing nice things for others. I call cancer the "nice" disease. Now we need to be nice to ourselves and look literally inward, inside our bodies, and make friends there.
     In qigong each of our organs is considered an actual being with a physical and emotional function. In quantum physics this is now being documented as truth. Science is finally catching up with ancient knowledge. Also, Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life is a great reference to the emotional functions of our internal organs. Knowing these functions gives us great clues to what to focus on for healing.
     So, I suggest you go to your local library and check out an updated anatomy book.  Contemporary medical photography is phenomenal as it goes inside each organ and reveals all the layers of its functions. It is like a whole new universe in there! I  am in awe of the kidneys. I had no idea there were so many ducts, tubules and nephrons trying to keep me in balance after eating an ice cream cone! The kidneys rule fear, so to keep them peaceful and full of love is major.
     Since our organs are beings, they hear and feel what we say. Talk to them lovingly and regularly. Or sometimes it is best to be firm and commanding. Trust your own instincts. When I practice LCUPCD as my hands touch and move over the organs or meridians I talk to them the way I would to someone I love very much, like " Liver, Good morning! I love you. " or "Spleen,Thank you! White blood cells are plentiful!" or "Lungs, I love you. All grief is gone! Lungs clear!"
      Master Luke Chan addresses the organs in his new LCUPCD c-d. He speaks the organ's name first. If I say " Peter, I love you." he will lift up his head and pay attention because I said his name first. So we address the name of the organ first and then speak the affirmation with respect in a loving tone of voice.
       LCUPCD or 3 Centers Merge Standing Method can become a continuous body scan. Feel each organ inside tenderly with love. Tell each one what you want as a healing result. Do this until you can "see" them inside at will. This takes practice but soon you will see them and feel their presence like old friends. This ritual has created a wonderful feeling of security and well-being for me.
      The practice moves the chi with the "turning" which brings healing. Speaking lovingly to your organs is also power-packed with healing energy. There is one study with heart patients found in Gregg Braden's book The Isaiah Effect  that says :" Individuals trained in generating focused feelings on deep love...were able to intentionally cause a change in conformation [shape] of the DNA. "  I healed the dead scar tissue inside my right breast using loving intention during La Chi massage. The doctors are baffled. They insisted that "devitalized tissue" cannot come back to life!
     Chi-Lel uses more than just mind focus : it uses loving intention. Love is a powerful and effective secret to healing . So get to know you. Talk lovingly to your internal organs.
They are listening.