Wine Bottle Opener:

A image for turning the Dantien for vitality and Healing


This image of a wine bottle opener is used  by Ms.Trish Clark for doing the gongs in China. She shared that image with others and all got results. You may want to try it.

Purpose: The power of chi for vitality and healing is trapped within our body. In order to release this power of chi, we need to use images. Using an imaginary thing to bring out a real feeling is a well established principle in qigong.

Method: Imagine you are turning the Dantien, the region between your navel and Mingmen as if you were turning a wine opener. You can image the hands of the opener are the hands of your body. So each turn of the opener will move a certain distance of your hands. You cannot use logic on imagery. The idea you want to get out of this wine bottle opener is to turn one area, Dantien in this case, to cause another area, hands or legs in this case, to move correspondingly. In other words, your mind does not have to focus on the area of movements, hands or legs in this case, in order to make them move. By not concentrating on the hands, you will not use excessive muscle strength.