Yee Chi Ball -- 

A sinking chi technique to heal internal organs including the kidneys.

by Master Luke Chan


"Yee Chi Ball" 

Purpose: To move internal chi to heal kidneys, stomach, intestines, colon, spleen, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, both male and female reproductive organs, and the entire abdominal region.

Method: Place hands in front of the navel as if holding a chi ball, turn your body to the left and sink your chi as if filling a balloon with water. With a sensation of a chi ball, you throw, swash, thrust, wash, the internal organs with chi. Then you turn your body to the right and repeat the process. Do this movement about fifteen minutes a day.

Yee Chi Ball is similar to Yee Chi Thrust in the Body and Mind Method, except it is easier, with hands in front of navel instead of in front of the forehead.